CTP and FCBA institutes, involved in InTechFibres, develop fields of excellence and expertise, with tools and facilities in common and complementary.

  • Extractionkakemono
    Simulation of all chemical pulping  and extraction processes on any lignocellulosic material (wood chips and annual plants) in industrial conditions
  • Bleaching / Fibre functionalisation
    Simulation of any bleaching stages (Z, O, D, C, H, P, FAS, PAA, enzymatic treatment…)
    and sequences on any pulps in industrial conditions.
    Simulation of new fibre functionalisation methods
  • High-yield pulping 
    Simulation of all refiner mechanical pulping processes in industrial conditions for paper/ board and panelboard applications
  • NaMiCell
    Manufacture of micro-fibrillated cellulose



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