InTechFibres enables mutualising fundamental to applied research efforts around essential themes common to lignocellulosic materials , their derivatives, their production and their use.

Description of InTechFibres competencies: foret-competencies

  • Forestry management and wood logistics, including woodyard management
  • Intra and inter-tree variability of wood and pulp quality for softwoods and hardwoods
  • Wood-Process and Process-Pulp relationships in terms of wood and pulp quality
  • Pulping and bleaching processes (chemical, semi-chemical, high-yield processes)
  • Panelboard processes (particles and fibres-based panelboards, insulating products)
  • Lignocellulosic materials (wood and annual plaCTP-45-2bdnts), fibres, pulp and panels characterisation
  • Impact of wood species mixes in the manufacture of fibres
  • Development of processes based on new technologies (bivis, ozone, biotechnologies, )
  • Understanding of fibre separation mechanisms from wood matrix in different processes
  • Fractionation and cleaning of fibres
  • Impact of processes on the environmentCTP-39-nanofibrille
  • Extraction of molecules from lignocellulosics (green chemistry): hemicelluloses, bioactive molecules, lignin,
  • Functionalization/grafting onto lignocellulosic fibres in aqueous medium
  • Manufacture of micro- and nano-objects from lignocellulosic materials

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