Research projects

Research projects are classified according to their potential applications :

> Green chemistryillu.projet

> Papers and boards

> Wood industries (Building – Furniture)

> Other applications


Green chemestry

  • NamiMod: Modelling of interactions between cellulose microfibrils in fibre walls
  • GenEcoChem: Genophytochemical variability for the management of potential forestry sources of bio-molecules
  • ILIQO : Conditions of integration for the valorization of lignins from black liquors in pulp mills
  • RecyFibres: Valorisation of fibres panelboards from furniture elements wastes
  • Syncobio2: Syntesis of new bio-sourced copolymers from hemicelluloses and fatty acids
  • Catbiose: New biopolymer based on renewable synthons from catalytic deoxygenation of hemicelluloses
  • Cerise: Microfibrillated cellulose production by twin screw extrusion
  • Qualin: development of qualitative tools for industrial lignins specific for their use and modificatoin
  • BioPick: Pickering emulsions stabilised by nanaoparticles from biomassImpression


Papers and boards

  • Ecokraft 2: Reduction of costs and environmental impact in the production of bleached chemical pulps
  • NRIS-Liq: Control of cooking through liquid analysis with NIRS
  • ExtraPulp: Combination of lignocellulosic components valorization and chemical pulp fibres production
  • ProviDES: New virgin/recycled pulp manufacturing processes using Deep Eutectic Solvents


Building and furnitures

  • FuncPan: Functionalization of fibre/panelboards based on polysaccharides grafting
  • Wotim: Wood-based thermal insulation materials
  • EcomatFib: Eco-conception of multifunctional composite materials based on wood fibres with optimised properties
  • Ignibois: Design of fireproofing bio-sourced formulations
  • DurLig: Durability conferred to wood by injection of extracted and modified lignins
  • WoodColor: Development of innovative techniques to confer colour to wood in surface
  • NIMP15: Development of a tool to control the heat treatment of wood according to NIMP15 standardImpression


Other applications

  • Polywood: Extraction of hemicelluloses for the production of polyamide fibres
  • MobileFlip: Mobile and Flexible Industrial Processing of Biomass
  • Erifore: Research Infrastructure for circular forest bioeconomy
  • Celical: Microfibrillated cellulose as new bio-based material for designing bio-active soft tissue repair medical deviceImpression


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