InTechFibres is the partnership combining the complementary skills of CTP (French Pulp and Paper Research and Technical Institute) and FCBA (French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and furniture sectors) through:

  • The scientific and technological unit Process-Pulps & Functional Fibres at CTP,
  • The New Materials technical division at FCBA

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  • To propose expertise in lignocellulosic materials for improving and/or modifying the industrial processes (pulps, panelboards, wood-based insulating materials, )
  • To innovate in fibres production/utilisation and in biorefinery development.


InTechFibres is composed of 20 people from different educations (chemistry, pulp&paper, wood, biochemistry,physico-chemistry). 2/3 are PhD engineers.

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Lignocellulosics, a marvellous sustainable resource :

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