Bleaching / Fibre functionalisation

Laboratory facilities to simulate bleaching and fibre functionalisation processes at different scales

Simulation of any bleaching stages (Z, O, D, C, H, P, FAS, PAA, enzymatic treatment…) and sequences on any pulps in industrial conditions


  • Low, medium and high consistency ozone treatments
  • Oxygen reactors (3.5 to 5 l)


bleaching1 bleaching2

Pilot (Unique tool in Europe for all types of bleaching processes research)

  • Pressurized reactor (capacity 1,7 m³ (100 to 150 kg), 6 bars, temperature up to 120 °C,
    stirring 30 to 130 rpm)
  • Upflow and downflow towers (capacity 0.3 m³ to 1.8 m³)
  • Fluffer for preparing pulp at high consistency
  • Twin wire press ( out put at 20 to 35%, production 100 to 1000 kg/h)


pilot bleaching

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