> ILIQO, Conditions of integration for the valorisation of lignins of black liquors from pulp plants

LigninWe are pleased to invite you to follow our new research project, ILIQO, which concerns the conditions of integration for the valorisation of lignins of black liquors from pulp mills. The kick-off meeting was held on October 22nd, 2015. The minutes of this meeting are available upon request.

This two-year project will provide the following benefits:

  • Creation of an additional source of income for pulp mills thanks to the production and marketing of lignin from black liquors. The project will establish an identity card of lignins, one lignin will be sampled for each partner. With the diversification of its activities, mills should thus limit the influence of the economic risks related to the sectors of wood and pulp.
  • Extraction of part of the black liquor lignins may lead to an increase of the production capacity at the plant and maintaining the supply to the boiler and its performance. In case the produced lignin is used in the lime kiln instead of gas or fuel, the plant is expected to reduce its need for fossil energy. The technical and economic conditions of production and valorization of lignins will be established during the project, based on the data collected on two industrial mills studied, and through the pilot tests using a simulation tool (PS 2000). The main parameters for a successful integration of a lignin production line in an existing pulp mill will be than defined.

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Technical contacts: 

Frédérique Bertaud 
Project leader at CTP belonging to the InTechFibres – Plant Chemistry Team.
E-mail: Frederique.Bertaud@webCTP.com
Tel: +33 4 76 15 40 96

Sandra Tapin-Lingua
Project leader at FCBA
E-mail: Sandra.Tapin-Lingua@fcba.fr
Tel: +33 4 76 76 10 16

Michel Petit-Conil:
Manager of Scientific Team – InTechFibres

Commercial Contact:
Céline Cacciottolo
E-mail: Celine.Cacciuottolo@webCTP.com
Tel: +33 4 76 15 40 63